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    Sharkbanz Releases New Testing Data and Video Footage

    Sharkbanz Releases New Testing Data and Video Footage

    CHARLESTON, S.C., June 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Sharkbanz (Mano LLC), the affordable, wearable shark deterrent has released new testing data and video footage demonstrating the effectiveness of the band in deterring Bull Sharks - the greatest shark threat to beachgoers globally. The Sharkbanz team performed this video documented test in the Bahamas using a baited dummy amongst 5-15 Bull Sharks to create a worst-case scenario environment.  Full results of the trials and video can be found on Sharkbanz.com/pages/research

    Co-founder Nathan Garrison states, "Ever since my close friend was attacked by a Bull Shark in Charleston, SC, I've dreamed of providing people an effective, affordable, simple device they can use to reduce the risk. This data proves we've accomplished that goal."

    Bull Sharks, one of the most common predatory shark species, can be found worldwide and are responsible for the highest number of human attacks. The majority of these attacks occur in the United States- specifically Florida.

    Sharkbanz, in association with Discovery Canada, recorded over 1,200 Bull Shark interactions in this recent comparative study. During all of these interactions, the baited dummy was never attacked while wearing Sharkbanz products. Without the Sharkbanz deterrents, the dummy was attacked every 42 seconds on average. Sharks were 85% more likely to display avoidance behavior when baited dummies were wearing Sharkbanz than without.

    During the final and most extreme trial, the dummy was baited on all four limbs and placed in the middle of a Bull Shark feeding frenzy wearing two Sharkbanz.  After 14 minutes in the water, the baited dummy experienced 266 direct interactions with adult sharks but was not attacked once. After removing the Sharkbanz, the same dummy was attacked the moment it entered the water. Highlights are available for viewing on Sharkbanz.com/pages/research.

    Sharkbanz is committed to reducing the risk of shark encounters using patented magnetic deterrent technology, which creates a strong electromagnetic field that interferes with a shark's electrical sensors. This interference, though not harmful to the shark or any other marine life, is highly unpleasant and can cause inquisitive sharks to turn away- a similar sensation to that of a person having a bright light flashed in his or her eyes in a dark room.

    The results of this Bull Shark research will be submitted for independent, scientific peer-review. Furthermore, the Sharkbanz team will conduct a study later this year in conjunction with a shark research group to further measure and validate the technology's effectiveness.

    Sharkbanz magnetic technology will reduce risk of shark interactions, but there is no 100% guarantee that interactions will not take place.

    Sharkbanz Featured on the Discovery Channel

    Sharkbanz Featured on the Discovery Channel

    The Sharkbanz Team had the opportunity to re-visit our favorite testing grounds in the Bahamas to carry-out and film some of our most rigorous series of tests to date. 

    In a variety of experiments and demonstrations for Discovery Channel, we put the Modom Shark Leash featuring our Sharkbanz Technology through the ringer. With as many as six (6), large hungry Bull Sharks present for periods of up to ten minutes, Bernie (our faithful test dummy) was never bit while wearing our active shark deterrent technology ... not even when we tied visible fish bait to his legs and stuffed his socks full of chum. Yew! 

    But ... 

    The moment we removed Sharkbanz (in order to demonstrate a control test), Bernie was targeted and attacked by the sharks. 

    You can watch the segment here on Discovery Channel's 'Daily Planet' site. Fast forward to the 08:50 mark and enjoy! 

    Proving once again the simplicity and effectiveness of Sharkbanz Technology. 


    We will be publishing more information from our recent series of Bull Shark experiments in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned!  

    Why Are We Afraid of Sharks? There's a Scientific Explanation.

    Why Are We Afraid of Sharks? There's a Scientific Explanation.

    Why are people afraid of sharks?

    "The question implies they shouldn't be," says David Ropeik, a consultant on risk perception and author of the book How Risky Is It, Really? Why Our Fears Don't Always Match the Facts.

    A fear of sharks, or galeophobia, is not irrational, says marine biologist Blake Chapman, a shark expert at the University of Queensland in Australia. Simply put, the predatory fish are scary. Great whites, for example—the species Hollywood immortalized as mindless killers—have mouths lined with several rows of up to 300 dagger-like teeth that can easily shred through prey. They can also sense tiny electromagnetic fields put out into water by other animals, which helps them scope out their next meal. (Watch: "World's Deadliest: Shark Superpowers")

    Where did this fear come from?

    Fear is not necessarily something we're born with, but it's something we have developed over time. Infants aren't afraid of snakes and heights, but as adults, our brains become more sensitive to fearful stimuli.

    But, oh boy, did our ancestors have a lot to be afraid of! Think back to how ancient people would have survived in their primitive habitats. They would have avoided tall cliffs and wild animals because they knew those threats could potentially kill them, and that's what kept them alive. They learned fear as an adaptation to protect themselves.

    "Fear is something that we've inherited from our early ancestors," Chapman says. "[Sharks] are an animal. Biological things like animals are something that we're very prone to fear."

    -by Elaina Zachos

    Read more of this article at NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, found here.

    Sharkbanz Collaborates with Jay Alders!

    Sharkbanz Collaborates with Jay Alders!

    Charleston, S.C.—Nov. 14, 2017— This holiday season, Sharkbanz, the proven, wearable shark deterrent, is teaming up with acclaimed surf artist Jay Alders, to share the stoke of surfing. Jay has created a one-of-a-kind design that celebrates the majesty of sharks, which will be featured on t-shirts, available on Sharkbanz.com and jayalders.com. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each shirt will benefit Surfers Healing, a nonprofit that empowers children with autism by teaching them how to surf.

    “We are grateful to work with Jay and Surfer’s Healing on this project to give the gift of surfing to kids this holiday season and pay homage to the splendor of the oceans through art.” Commented Sharkbanz co-founder, Nathan Garrison, “This limited edition shirt benefits an organization that works tirelessly to share the stoke with autistic kids; people can feel good wearing the shirt, knowing they are supporting a cause that provides such a powerful experience”.

    Surfers Healing, founded in 1996, has taught thousands of children with autism how to surf through free, daylong surf camps around the country.

     “As a nonprofit, we rely on donations, such as this one, to make these surf camps possible.” John Pike, Surfers Healing Foundation “Surfers Healing makes sure others with special abilities can experience the benefits of riding waves, and with this support, we can teach even more children how to surf.”

     Alders’ inspiration for the design is the hammerhead shark, an animal he describes as beautiful and strange.

     “They've evolved into these sleek, alien-eque looking predators and I wanted to create artwork that emphasized their beauty and characteristically haunting shape.” Said Alders “My goal is that my art raises awareness and curiosity for the beauty and necessity of sharks.”

    The limited editions shirts, which are available for $30 in men’s, women’s and kid’s cut, are available at Sharkbanz.com. Giveaways will also take place on the Instagram accounts of Sharkbanz and Jay Alders. For more information visit Sharkbanz.com.

    About Sharkbanz:

    Based in Charleston, SC, Sharkbanz use patented magnetic technology to interfere with sharks’ sensitive electroreceptors. Created by surfers and divers and tested by marine biologists on predatory shark species, Sharkbanz magnetic technology does not harm sharks or other sea creatures, uses no batteries, requires no charging and is designed to endure the most rigorous water sports. Learn more about Sharkbanz technology, products and shark conservancy efforts by visiting sharkbanz.com.

     About Jay Alders:
    Jay Alders is an American fine artist, photographer and graphic designer. He is best known for his original surf art paintings, and is a well-known profile in surf culture for his work with musicians, artists and cause organizations. Jay’s distinctive style and imaginative prowess is recognized around the world. His work has been featured in galleries from New York City to California, in surf exhibitions and art tours. Organizations such as Billabong, 9Fish Surfboards and Endless Games have licensed Jay’s art for their internationally distributed product lines. For more information on Jay visit jayalders.com.

    About Surfers Healing:
    Surfers Healing was founded in California by professional surfer Israel “Izzy” Paskowitz for his son, Isaiah, who was diagnosed with autism at age 3. Because Izzy discovered the positive impact that surfing had on his son, he shared this unique therapy with other children diagnosed with autism. Surfers Healing Camps are now hosted in Hawaii, California, Mexico, Puerto Rico and a few surf towns like Folly Beach, SC. These camps enrich the lives of people living with autism by exposing them to the unique experience of surfing. Members of the international surfing community travel with the event and work one-on-one to coach children with autism to ride the waves. For more information visit surfershealing.org.

    Sharkbanz and TOWER 26 - Listen "Be Race Ready" Podcast

    Sharkbanz and TOWER 26 - Listen

    This past month (July), Sharkbanz was honored by the invitation from triathlete training program, TOWER 26 to attend the group's weekly beach sessions in Santa Monica and to provide information about our shark deterrent products to their members. 

    TOWER 26 is one of the world's most respected and well-established swimming and triathlon training programs founded by legendary coach, Gerry Rodrigues. 

    Whether you are a beginner or seeking to be the world's best, their training programs are geared toward helping triathletes, at all levels, improve quickly through very targeted and proven training methods. 

    Our team can't say enough good things about Gerry, Jim and TOWER 26 as a program and group. We loved meeting its members and encourage anyone who is interested in improving their swimming or triathlon training to learn more at:


    Last week, Davis Mersereau, VP at Sharkbanz, sat down with Coach Gerry and USAT Certified Coach/Professional Triathlete, Jim Lubinski to further discuss Sharkbanz for open water swimmers and triathletes on their podcast 'Be Race Ready' Podcast - currently, the fastest growing triathlon/swimming podcast available. Seriously, what you learn from these podcasts is inspiring. 

    Enjoy! http://tower26.com/podcasts-2/

    "Be Race Ready" Podcast was created by go-to swim expert coach, Gerry Rodrigues, and USAT Certified Coach/Professional Triathlete, Jim Lubinski. These podcasts will help triathletes get the most return out of their swim preparation by covering all the essential topics and ingredients that are necessary to make triathletes better and safer swimmers. Through Gerry's countless years of coaching thousands of triathletes and Jim's racing/training/coaching experience, the two will take on all topics relevant to triathlon swimming.