"It bolted out of the area". Great White Testimonial - Seaside, Oregon

"It bolted out of the area". Great White Testimonial - Seaside, Oregon

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Our team recently received the following email testimonial from one of our dedicated customers based in Portland, OR. 

We're thankful we were able to help Michael stay safe that day and remain active in the waters off Oregon's epic Pacific coastline. 

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The following report was unsolicited. 


"My girlfriend purchased my first [Sharkbanz] as a gift prior to a January surf trip in Kauai. The three breaks we surfed were known to be sharky. No encounter.

We returned to Oregon and two weeks later one of my bros was attacked in Pacific City [OR] by a [Great] White. It grabbed his board from behind and pulled him under. He fought it off without any injury. He was not wearing a Sharkbanz!

Three weeks later on a Wednesday, I had an encounter at Seaside while surfing the cove. It was about 10:30AM and stormy, though we were in a sun spot. I ate it on a big set and spent several minutes getting spin cycled.

When I got a break, I turned toward my board to retrieve it and a large dark dorsal fin broke water between me and my board bearing down on me. I moved my paddle to block the attack when the shark made a violent hard left and bolted out of the area. The pull was so great from the turn it dragged me behind for a second.

The dorsal on this thing was much taller than my head on the surface and the front of it looked like a VW Beetle. I pulled my board in (12’ leash) and beat it to shore wondering how am I going to tell my bro who was hundreds of yards away riding at the point. I stood trembling and tense sharing my experience with an old timer....who replied: “Yup, this is a sharky area”.

My drive home was tense and when my adrenaline finally quit I hit the wall. I wore a Sharkbanz on my right wrist and left ankle. Thank God. I’ve heard that as a surfer you’re bound to have an encounter in your lifetime. I hope I’ve checked that box!"

- Michael S. (Portland, OR)