Sharkbanz Replacement Protective Case


Sharkbanz Replacement Protective Case

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A replacement case for your 'Sharkbanz 2' product. 

Our protective case is magnetically shielded for safe storage of your 'Sharkbanz 2' unit. 1 case fits 1 Sharkbanz unit. 

We recommend storing Sharkbanz in its case when not in use to reduce the risk of damaging electronic devices nearby.

Keep your Sharkbanz in the box whenever possible to protect electronic devices and the band. You will notice a significant difference in the presence of the magnetic field when the Sharkbanz is inside vs. outside the box. Enjoy playing around with the magnet, but be careful! We are not responsible for any harm caused to other devices or people. Store your Sharkbanz and the box out of direct sunlight and do not store in hot cars, as heat over 150 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius) can damage the magnetic tech.


For travel:
  • Sharkbanz should be kept in the box while traveling to protect electronic devices in your bags.
  • The magnetic shielding in the box will protect electronic devices in your luggage. Always do your best to separate the Sharkbanz box from electronics, but almost anything will be safe in the presence of the reduced magnetic field when the product is kept safely in its storage case. If you are concerned about a specific device, please email and we will answer your question.
  • The TSA will not give you trouble over your Sharkbanz. Our team and our customers have traveled to countries around the world and throughout the US with them and never has any issue. This goes for checked and carry-on bags.

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