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The Zeppelin is proven to enable you to land more fish, but best practices are critical. Here are our tutorials, tips from the pros, and strategies to maximize the effectiveness and versatility of your Zeppelin. We encourage ALL users to review this information, share with others, and reach out to our team with their own experiences.



Updated Rigging Information for ALL current Retail (Cardboard) and Online (Hard Case) Zeppelin Packaging Instructions are found below.

Proven to help you to land more fish

Bottom Fishing


See Diagram Below. The deployment method maximizes effectiveness while minimizing the potential for device loss. Many anglers have created multiple Zeppelin deployment lines so they can easily add a Zeppelin to new rigs with longer/shorter leaders.

Maximizes Effectiveness, Minimizes Device Loss

Method #1: Deployment

• Rig the Zeppelin to a separate "deployment" line, preferably with heavier test or wire trace.

• Follow the Zeppelin Measurement Formula to determine the appropriate length of your deployment line: Length of Bait Leader + Estimated Size of Catch + 3 Ft. (90 cm.)

• Ensure you have the proper stopper in place so the swivel or carabiner catches as it slides down. We recommend a small lead, bead, or larger swivel.

• Use a snap (coast) swivel or carabiner to clip the deployment line to your main line.

• You can hold the Zeppelin while you wait or rest it in a nearby rod holder.

• When you hook up, deploy the Zeppelin and fight your fish to the surface. Depending on depth, you can add additional weight to the deployment line. Outrigger weights recommended, or simply zip-tie lead to the Zeppelin.

Deployment, Inline - Animations and Demos from Pros

Bottom Fishing Tutorials

Protect yourself and your catch

Wade Fishing

Use both the Zeppelin and our Sharkbanz 2 (wearable) when wade fishing to provide safety and catch protection from sharks and stingrays. Like sharks, stingrays are elasmobranch fish species and use electroreception to hunt and navigate. Sharkbanz disrupts this electric sense and warns stingrays to stay away, making your wade fishing experience more comfortable.



Simple & Effective

Powered by patented magnetic technology, Sharkbanz do not use batteries and are Always ON. The Zeppelin can be attached to any fish bag, while our Sharkbanz wearables are Universal Fit and pair with any wade boot.


For a full list of 'Sharkbanz Fishing - Zeppelin' FAQ, please visit our Sharkbanz Product FAQ page.

Easy. To prevent losing the Zeppelin to a snag, rig a lead below the device on lighter test. That way, the lead will break off on the bottom structure and you won’t lose the Zeppelin. If you are using sinkers in conjunction with your Zeppelin, do not use steel sinkers. Use only lead or zinc sinkers when using the Zeppelin due to its magnetic properties.

You can also use heavier wire or cable to attach the Zeppelin in Methods #1 (Inline) or #2 (Deployment).

You bet. There are many variations on the two methods we've outlined here, but these two methods overall will yield the best success rate for bottom fishing.

If you've come up with an effective way to rig the Zeppelin that's different from what you see here, and it's producing good results, then please let us know and film it!

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The Zeppelin is specifically designed for Bottom Fishing methods, which is where your best results will be for its use. We encourage fishermen to experiment with rigging based on the weight, deterrent field range, and design of the Zeppelin, but please be aware that trialing/rigging the Zeppelin in any way outside of the methods described here for Bottom Fishing may not produce desired results.

As long as your Sharkbanz device is not exposed to heat over 150°F (65°C) and the chassis is not physically damaged, then the magnetic technology will not lose its effectiveness to deter sharks and stingrays. If there is a problem with your Sharkbanz, please let us know at

Our shark deterrent field is approximately 3-6 ft (1-2 meters). The unpleasant sensation becomes intense for sharks at about 3 feet (1 meter), becoming exponentially greater each inch closer due to the laws of magnetic induction.

It's very important your Sharkbanz Fishing device is rigged properly so your catch is within the appropriate position and proximity to the device. Do not simply hug your bait or catch with your Zeppelin. Follow our rigging diagrams and distance formula.


Sharkbanz products only deter Elasmobranch species (sharks, stingrays) because other fish species do not have a sensory organ (Ampullae of Lorenzini) able to detect electric fields. Sharks and stingrays use this 6th sense (electroreception) in order to hunt and navigate the oceans.

Our Sharkbanz Fishing products utilize compact, weight conscious, and minimal design in order to be mindful of line-shy fish, such as Snapper and Grouper.

Visit our Sharkbanz Fishing FAQ page where we outline and update answers to a large variety of questions about the technology, product, rigging, etc.