Proven Shark Deterrent Tackle

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Award Winning Shark Deterrent Tackle

How Sharkbanz Fishing Works

1. Generates Powerful Deterrent Field

Using the same proven and patented shark deterrent technology as our wearable device, Sharkbanz Fishing (Zeppelin) generates a powerful electromagnetic field. No batteries, No charging. Always ON, and ready to stop the Taxman. Weighing 6.5 oz (185 g), the Zeppelin can be used as a sinker, deployed after hookup, or used on a stringer or fish bag.

2. Disrupts Sharks' Electroreception

Whether used in bottom fishing, wade or spearfishing, the Zeppelin alerts sharks to stay away - buying you more time and better opportunities to safely land your fish. Research by the Western Australian Government proves our technology enables fishermen to land more fish in a bottom fishing application. The product is compact, versatile, and can be effectively rigged in a variety of ways.

3. Deters Sharks, Protects Catch

From Jupiter, Florida to Western Australia, the Zeppelin has proven effective for captains in bottom fishing applications. Our strategic rigging methods ensure when sharks are chasing your catch from the bottom up they will encounter the deterrent field; giving you better odds of paying the Taxman once more. Winner ICAST Best Terminal Tackle.

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Wade Fishing

Ensure Your Fish Bag is Safe

When you're wade fishing and you've got fish in your bag, it's a dinner bell for sharks. The Zeppelin can easily be attached using a longline clip to your stringer or using a D-Clip and carabiner to your fish bag. Don't waste a good day's catch to the Taxman!