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Shark Encounter Testimonials

Since 2014, we've received over 100+ unsolicited testimonials from customers using Sharkbanz to deter wild (sometimes aggressive) sharks, including Bull Sharks, Great Whites, Tiger Sharks, and Blacktips.

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"Life Saving Product"

"I am truly grateful for your product. Two (2) months ago while free-diving the FL Keys, a sizable Bull Shark approached me from below rather deliberately (to say the least). As I maintained a slow hovering kick he veered off right about about 2-3 yards from my left fin (where I placed my Sharkbanz on my ankle) and swiftly darted away. I am VERY GRATEFUL and want to say, THANK YOU! Life saving product."

- Ivan Trent, VA Beach, VA

Tiger Shark Encounter (March, 2024)

"Took a Ninety Degree Turn and Took Off!"

"Saw one big fish this morning between 8-10" ft - maybe even larger with stripes!!!! Frickin nutz. A month ago, Joe, one of my paddling partners was talking about Sharkbanz, and he'd purchased one for himself. I bought it about 2 weeks after and have been using it every time since. This morning was the closest encounter I’ve ever had. After being out for an hour or so, another surfer started yelling "shark, shark!", and then I heard "bruddah he’s heading towards you".

I couldn’t really see the beast until he was about a foot away from the nose of my board and I could see his eyelids start to close. Then about 5 inches from the tip of the nose, it just took a ninety degree turn and took off and headed towards my partner who also had the device. Same result, turned away and made his way quickly away from pack. There was six of us out there at that incident, 5 will attest to that! 🤙🏽 Aloha ke akua"

- Greg, Clyde and Joe -- Oahu, H

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Capt. Billy Delph, Key West, FL | @DelphFishing

"A must-have in your saltwater arsenal"

"At first I was a huge skeptic, but after a lot of testing I figured out how to implement it most effectively, and I can honestly say it works very well in most sharky conditions. It's not like the sharks are casually going up and gently turning their heads. They're like BOOM, and turning away."

Capt. Chris Mendola, Key West, FL | @FAROUTCHARTERS

"Definitely helps avoid losing trophy Fish"

"Once you see that the Zeppelin works, like we did today where you have multiple sharks just turn off and shoot back down, it's a great feeling."

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