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Affiliate Program

We want to reward you for using our products, supporting our brand, and sharing with others.

How It Works:

Whether you consider yourself an influencer or not, you can be a Sharkbanz affiliate and earn money by promoting products you already use and love. We've partnered with GRIN to help you organize, track, and scale your affiliate sales and marketing.

  • Sign up for a free account
  • Start driving traffic to through links, social media posts, emails, texts, etc.
  • Earn a competitive commission on every purchase made from any buyer who comes from a tracked link on your website within 30 days
  • Payment will be made through GRIN

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Benefits of Joining:

  • Sign up is Free
  • Competitive Commission
  • 30-day Cookie
  • 30-day Return
  • High Average Order Value
  • Dedicated support at SHARKBANZ and GRIN to help you earn more money
  • Potential Promotion of your Content and Channels via Sharkbanz Marketing Platforms (Social, Email, etc.)

Be Yourself and Use your Network

How to Be Successful:

For any questions on our program, please email

Create Content

Whether its photos or videos, find ways to showcase your use of Sharkbanz and/or highlight the technology.

Be Authentic

We want to partner with people who use and enjoy our products. Let others know why you find value in our products.

Use Network

Use the platforms (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Email, etc.) that allow your promotions to impact people the most.