Since 2014, Sharkbanz has been globally recognized for its innovative technology, father-son founder story, and environmental approach.

"Winner - Greatest Recreation Innovations"

"Our Beach Accessory Obsession"

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"Best Gear for the Beach"

"Best Shark Repellent for Open Water Swimming"

"Gear of the Year"

"Sharkbanz made huge strides in shark deterrent technology."

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Sharkbanz Fishing - Featured Print - Aug 2022

"Shark Stoppers"

"Whether sharks find alternating magnetic fields irritating, painful or confusing is unclear, but tests and video evidence confirm that they tend to turn away from the source, be it a Sharkbanz wearable or the Zeppelin."

- Boating Magazine

"Who would've thought by 2016 we'd have a way to repel sharks through wearable technology."

- Transworld Business