The Tech Behind Sharkbanz

Patented Deterrent Technology

Over a decade in the making, Sharkbanz technology is proven to deter sharks and stingrays. Utilizing electromagnetic deterrent fields, our products reduce the risk, protect your catch, and make your ocean experiences more comfortable.


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Our patented magnetic technology is at the core of all our products, generating a powerful electromagnetic field that alerts sharks and stingrays to stay away.

Our products are simple and effective. No batteries, no charging. They are always ON, and when in use (on wrist/ankle or in fishing) are always projecting an active deterrent field.

Whether you're a professional diver or deep sea fisherman, you don't have to worry about the depth rating of our products. Thanks to industry best practices, they can be used at any depth.

Our products are designed for performance. They are free from defects or construction issues, and our 1-year Warranty is included. We're proud to ensure customers use their Sharkbanz for many years.

Sharkbanz products are the result of over a decade's worth of peer-reviewed scientific research on the use of magnetic technology as an active and effective shark deterrent. Proven science with real results.

Like sharks, rays belong to a class of ocean animals called elasmobranchs. Rays also utilize an electric sense to hunt, and Sharkbanz have shown to be an effective stingray deterrent.

Disrupting The Electric Sense

By generating a powerful electromagnetic field, Sharkbanz alert a shark's sensory organ, known as ampullae of lorenzini, to stay away. Our deterrent field has a similar effect on stingrays, another elasmobranch species that use electroreception.


How it Works:


Both our Wearable and Fishing products use the same proven deterrent technology, which is Always ON and does not use batteries or require any charging. The technology is simple and effective. Sharkbanz alert sharks we aren't food and aren't worth investigating - keeping both sides safer.


Sharks and rays use electroreception (sensitivity to electric fields) to hunt and navigate. Our tech's powerful deterrent field is exponentially greater than any electric field an elasmobranch species would naturally encounter. Sharkbanz do not harm or attract sharks or any other ocean animal.


Marine biologists compare this deterrent sensation a shark feels to a "bright light" suddenly shining in your eyes when in a dark room. Our patented deterrent technology is validated by a decade's worth of research and testing from independent scientists as well as ongoing government field studies.

Founder and creator Nathan Garrison Explains How Sharkbanz Work

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Reduce the Risk

Active Deterrent Field

If you're like us, you love the ocean, but it's not always familiar territory. Our wearable products have given thousands of oceangoers from Florida to Fiji the freedom to swim, dive, surf, and explore with greater peace of mind. Sharkbanz follows our core principles to be simple, effective, and affordable.


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