Sharkbanz Featured on the Discovery Channel

Sharkbanz Featured on the Discovery Channel

The Sharkbanz Team had the opportunity to re-visit our favorite testing grounds in the Bahamas to carry-out and film some of our most rigorous series of tests to date. 

In a variety of experiments and demonstrations for Discovery Channel, we put the Modom Shark Leash featuring our Sharkbanz Technology through the ringer. With as many as six (6), large hungry Bull Sharks present for periods of up to ten minutes, Bernie (our faithful test dummy) was never bit while wearing our active shark deterrent technology ... not even when we tied visible fish bait to his legs and stuffed his socks full of chum. Yew! 

But ... 

The moment we removed Sharkbanz (in order to demonstrate a control test), Bernie was targeted and attacked by the sharks. 

You can watch the segment here on Discovery Channel's 'Daily Planet' site. Fast forward to the 08:50 mark and enjoy! 

Proving once again the simplicity and effectiveness of Sharkbanz Technology.

We will be publishing more information from our recent series of Bull Shark experiments in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned!