Flexport Recognizes Sharkbanz as Shark Repellent Technology Leader

Flexport Recognizes Sharkbanz as Shark Repellent Technology Leader

Sharkbanz was recently recognized by Flexport as a pioneer in shark repellent technology. Flexport, Sharkbanz’ global freight forwarding partner, also praised the company for its worldwide growth and shipping initiatives. 

In the article, Flexport detailed how the company's flagship product, a lightweight, non-intrusive magnet that repels sharks, has helped the fishing industry prevent sharks from devouring hooked fish before anglers can secure them

Additionally, the article discussed how Sharkbanz partnered with Flexport to meet the growing demand for Sharkbanz products and ensure that the company grows efficiently. 

To satisfy demand in a growing market, successful entrepreneurs must often immerse themselves in the entire supply chain process. However, that takes valuable time away from other critical elements of the business.

Nathan Garrison, the co-founder of Sharkbanz, spoke about the benefits of Flexport’s Flow Direct, an end-to-end global shipping solution designed for e-commerce brands.

“The more efficiency that someone can create, the better their business will be,” Garrison explained. “Because I could focus my time on sales and marketing instead of shipping operations, Flexport’s Flow Direct was a game-changer even for that reason alone.”

By partnering with trusted 3PLs like ShipBob through Flow Direct, Sharkbanz’s fulfillment process has become more reliable and efficient, which can make all the difference for newer e-commerce brands competing against larger companies.

For example, with the help of Flexport, Sharkbanz has cut the customary timeline for Asia-to-U.S. ocean freight by two weeks. As a result, Sharkbanz was able to meet increased holiday demand in 2022 and add significantly to its bottom line.

Flow Direct saved me over $15,000 so far both in direct cost savings but also in saved inventory that arrived in time for the holidays last year,” Garrison continued. “We probably made an extra $70,000 in sales last year, which we couldn't have accomplished if we didn’t have products in stock.

By forging relationships with leading 3PL fulfillment providers, Sharkbanz has managed to ship dedicated containers all the way from factories in Asia directly to fulfillment centers in the U.S. along fixed, guaranteed sailing schedules.

With integrations like Flow Direct, Sharkbanz has full transparency when it comes to its supply chain, allowing the company to operate fluidly.

Sharkbanz would like to thank Flexport for recognizing its global growth and shipping initiatives and speaking so highly of the brand in its recent article.