Florida Sportsman Praises Sharkbanz For Potential to Help Cobia Fish Industry

Florida Sportsman Praises Sharkbanz For Potential to Help Cobia Fish Industry

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Sharkbanz, the leading provider of shark repellent products, is proud to announce that our innovative Sharkbanz Zeppelin has been praised by Florida Sportsman Magazine for its effectiveness in repelling sharks from devouring hooked fish before anglers can reel them in. 

In the February 2023 issue, senior editor Blair Wickstrom wrote of cautious optimism for cobia fishing, highlighting the Sharkbanz Zeppelin as a “promising development” that has helped combat shark depredation. We are honored to receive such a ringing endorsement from this prestigious publication and are thrilled that our product is making a positive impact in the fishing community.

The cobia population in Florida has declined in recent years, with the dwindling numbers of mature cobia being of particular concern for marine fishery organizations. When anglers have been able to hook a cobia, there has been a growing threat of shark depredation, which occurs when sharks feast on the cobia before anglers can secure the fish. 

Cobia fish grow up to six feet long and can weigh in excess of 100 pounds. They often track sharks hoping to scavenge their leftovers, but when cobia fish are hooked and vulnerable, sharks seize upon the opportunity for a bountiful feast. 

Fortunately, the Sharkbanz Zeppelin provides a solution to this problem. Weighing 6.5 ounces feature eyeholes at the top and bottom, the Sharkbanz Zeppelin is incredibly easy to integrate into a fishing rig and can even be used as a sinker. While you fish, the magnetic field emitted by the Zeppelin disrupts the electrosensory system of sharks when they come within 2 or 3 feet, causing sharks to swim away. 

Video seen here of our friend and fisherman, Warren Sapp, reeling in through a real Sharknado off Stuart, FL is a perfect example of the enormous difference the Zeppelin can make in your fishing arsenal. Notice how the sharks swirl around the plump Amberjack but never come within biting distance. 

At Sharkbanz, we are committed to providing innovative products that help people safely enjoy the ocean and protect their catch, and we are grateful to Florida Sportsman for recognizing those efforts with their praise of the Zeppelin. 

With its easy integration into fishing rigs and proven ability to repel sharks from cobia fish, the Zeppelin is a must-have for any angler. We encourage readers to purchase their own Sharkbanz Zeppelin and experience the peace of mind of knowing you are better protected from the Taxman. Protect your catch and click here to purchase your very own Zeppelin shark repellent.