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Sharkbanz added by b8ta

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Earlier this year we were approached by new-age tech retailer, b8ta, to showcase our product in their newly opened, Santa Monica Place location. Last month we launched with them to great success. If you're in Los Angeles, go check us out and tour the store. It's an entirely different retail experience - both from a seller and buyer perspective. 

Via TechCrunch: 

"b8ta, the retail store that sells trendy tech gadgets, recently raised a $7 million Series A round led by TriplePoint Capital with participation from Khosla Ventures, Fifth Wall Ventures, Macerich and Eniac Ventures. b8ta also received $8 million in debt funding and previously raised a $4.5 million seed round.

b8ta launched its first store in Palo Alto last December. Since then, things have been going well, b8ta CEO Vibhu Norby told me.

“We had a ton of traffic and sales,” Norby said. “People loved it. We expected to have this seasonal effect that retail stores typically see, but instead, from January onward until today, the traffic in the store has been going up and up and interest has been rising. We couldn’t be more pleased


With b8ta, the goal is to get innovative products like the Gi Flybike, a folding electric bicycle, and Thync, a wearable for achieving mindfulness and boosting energy, into physical stores and enable people to have real, tactile experiences with them. Some of the most popular products include Wi-Fi router Eero, smart locks by August and Dash Robotics‘ DIY robots."