More Great White Sightings in SoCal

More Great White Sightings in SoCal

"9 sharks at Poche Beach, 11-footer at San Clemente Pier, aggressive shark at Lower Trestles, and beach closures continue. 

Shark activity off southern Orange County’s coastline continues days after a woman was bitten off San Onofre State Beach.

Nine 8-to-10-foot sharks have been spotted around Poche Beach in Dana Point; an 11-footer swam under the pier at San Clemente; two surfers were chased out of the water at Upper Trestles; and a shark was seen acting aggressively at Lower Trestles, according to reports.

These sightings might be credited to more watchful eyes scanning the coast and an increased fear after a 36-year-old Vista woman was bitten in the right leg. Lifeguards, at least in San Clemente, aren’t taking any chances."

- Laylan Connelly

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