I am Truly Grateful for Your Product. 2 months ago while free-diving the Fl Keys, a Sizable Bull Shark approached me from below rather deliberately (to say the least). As I maintained a slow hovering kick he veered off right about about 2-3 yards from my left fin (Where I placed my sharkbanz on my ankle) and swiftly darted away. I am VERY GRATEFUL and Want to say, THANK YOU! Life saving Product.


On the 17th of October 2014, I was attacked by a 5 foot Bronze Whaler Shark whilst surfing at Avoca beach in Sydney. The shark bit into my foot twice, both times puncturing my skin and causing serious damage to my lower leg. After some time in the hospital and lengthy rehab sessions, I finally regained the strength to be physically fit to go surfing, but there was one issue. Mentally, I wasn't strong enough. This took a huge psychological toll on me.  Surfing is my passion, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to convince myself to take the next step and get back into the water. In early November 2014, Sharkbanz approached me with a revolutionary product that they believed would help me take that next step. Sharks are naturally curious about people, and with more and more people swimming and surfing in the ocean, encounters are becoming more common. With a Sharkbanz on your wrist or ankle, the gadget's magnetic field will repel sharks that get too close.  Sharkbanz have not only helped me gain the courage to get back in the water, but also made me a mentally stronger and more resilient surfer. Since my signing with Sharkbanz, I have gone on to win the under 14 Australian title in surfing, the under 18 Subway Summer Surf series, and The Teenage Rampage. I don't think it would have been possible for me to be surfing again as soon as I did without the help of Sharkbanz. 


Hi guys just to let you know that I had a very close encounter with a shark yesterday.  I had just speared a king fish on an isolated offshore reef and was ascending from 12m in murky waters.  As soon as I got to the surface, a 3m bronze whaler approached me at speed.  When it got to my fin, it did a 90 degree turn and I never saw it again.  I pulled the fish in and there was no bite out of it so it must have got spooked! He (she) only came back after about 20mins, as we continued to fish for a while.  This is how I identified his size and the species type. Back on the boat it started circling us so I got a good look at it.  I've had a few shark encounters over the years...nothing this close!  The crazy coincidence is that I only bought the Sharkbanz that morning! Won't be going back to those spots without it now!


Hi mate, just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with my Sharkbanz. As I'm am unable to wear a shark shield due to steel plates in my leg ect (puts me into uncontrollable spasm under the water, very dangerous). This product has given me the freedom and confidence to work with peace of mind. "Does it work??" I'm asked this everyday. Well, a few weeks ago I had an encounter with a very large and very aggressive bull shark. He came twice at me to within 5meters but both times it was like he had been hit hard in the snout and turned 180 degrees and swam away. Needless to say, I have a lot of confidence in this product now, and I won't dive without them. I spend up to 8hrs a day in the water with very little visibility, so I wear one on my wrist and one on my ankle and I can work with ease and don't even notice them. I recommend everyone who is swimming/surfing/diving/spearfish ect has them. I have spent my last 40 years in the ocean and I will no longer be with out my Sharkbanz.


On October 19, 2016, I went to surf straight after school at one of my local beaches, Blueys. The water was crystal clear with nice little 2 ft waves. I was surfing for about an hour with about 5 other surfers when all of a sudden I saw a bull shark swimming towards us. It was about 2 m long. It got quite close to me, but then it spun around and shot off like a rocket. I caught the next wave into shore. Meanwhile my dad was standing on the headland and got a really good view of the whole thing and was freaking out!! Dad said the Sharkbanz saved us from a possible attack!  I love my Sharkbanz and I never go in the ocean without it.


I've been using the Sharkbanz for about a year. Two days ago, a juvenile White shark came very close to me, then ripped a sharp turn away causing the tail to splash in the water. The people on the pier then spotted it cruising away. I feel safe using this product.


It does appear that this product actually repels sharks. It is a regular event in the Gulf Of Mexico off Tampa, Florida to encounter overly friendly sharks. The first time a bull shark came in close and wanted the fish that I had speared, he turned his head about five feet away and swam away. This happened four more times over the next two months. Each time the shark jerked it's head to the side almost like they ran into and invisible wall. I don't think it was my imagination. I have had many close shark encounters throughout the years and I have never seen a shark change his mind and give up a bloody fish. I told a friend about my encounter and he wanted to try it out for himself. He returned my Sharkbanz along with a good story. His experience was very similar to my own. He told me about an aggressive shark speeding toward him and quickly changing direction when encountering the field given off by the Sharkbanz. Light weight and easy to dive with. Good product.


I own several Sharkbanz now and use them while diving and spearfishing.  I have had several aggressive sharks swim towards me during my dives including times when I had bloody fish near me or in my hands.  I have yet to have any attacks.  Just very close calls where they swim within 5 feet and do a U-turn.  I can’t thank you enough for the amazing product you have.  



It has given me so much peace of mind in the water. I live in Cape Canaveral (Cocoa Beach) on the beach. I do have a healthy awareness of the ocean which keeps me reminded that it's a habitat for wildlife but it has sometimes stopped me enjoying my time in the water. I recently picked up surfing and went to Ron Jon’s to purchase one of these for me and one for a friend. My nerves are gone. I feel confident and at ease. My girlfriend who previously wouldn't surf alone in fear of a bite, now will surf alone. Thank you for providing me some sense of safety in the water. I know if the shark really wants my toe he will take it, but I feel like he will take a fish over me now. 


My wife bought me Sharkbanz as a Christmas present after the fatal attack that occurred in the bay only a few months earlier. I believe in Sharkbanz because only a few weeks later I was surfing South Wall, Ballina, when I had a very close encounter with a 8-9 ft Tiger Shark.
There were about 40 or more surfers out. I noticed some of the crowd from down the line-up catching waves into the beach, and then I turned and saw the shark swimming at a steady pace towards me. Luckily, I was wearing my Sharkbanz at the time. When the shark was about 1 and a half meters from me, it suddenly spun around so fast that I felt the slap of the tail and it rocked my board. In a flash it was gone. I'm convinced that the Sharkbanz deterred the shark, causing it to suddenly turn and vanish. 

Only days later, I forgot to wear my Sharkbanz, and was bitten in the back right shoulder blade by a Bull Shark. This was the only day I didn't wear the Sharkbanz. 
I'm really excited about this technology, and it's given me the confidence I need to get back in the water and surf with greater safety.

Read more about Jabez's story here:


Hi Nathan,

Mate, just wanted to share an experience with you that we had today! Went for the early surf 6am first light, pretty gloomy conditions, very overcast. Salmon schools everywhere, a few guys fishing off the rocks. Saw a 5 foot bronze whaler in a wave as I took off about halfway through the session! Was a bit spooked from then on, then one fisherman caught a salmon and then sent it out on a long line to catch a bronzey! Saw them flapping around attaching the bait so we decided we'd go in and it was a bit unnerving having them fishing for sharks essentially 20m from the takeoff zone! Get into the beach only to have the dudes tell us that there were 6 of them, one 10ft long apparently swimming around me and my mate! So there you go, I had my Sharkbanz on, it must have been enough to deter them from having a test bite or a closer look. They can get pretty frisky this time of year with all the salmon around and resurgence of bait fishing.

Man, what a day. I think my mate is ordering one as we speak! Thanks again for the great product, I think I'll get my dad one too!!


Why you will love it

This product should give you a lot more peace of mind while out doing your favorite pastime in the ocean. The Sharkbanz protects against most shark species particularly those that attack in shallow, murky water in the most common ‘hit and run’ scenarios. This doesn’t mean to say however once you have purchased one you should stuff your speedos full of salmon and jump into shark creak just to test it out. Sharkbanz are a lot smaller and compact than shark repellants that have come before, they have no batteries moving parts or any need to charge them, they have a good looking design and are comfortable to wear.

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As a surfer, kiteboarder, and water sports photographer, I spend a lot of time in the ocean. During a recent surf session in Virginia Beach,while wearing my Sharkbanz, my group was approached by a shark. It got within feet of us when it suddenly darted away. I'm sold on Sharkbanz.


The Ocean is an environment which we share with many different species. The sport of spearfishing puts you on the front line, meeting many different Apex predators. Over the years we have seen a change in Shark behaviour where the shark will wait and even follow Spearfishermen, almost knowingly awaiting an easily delivered meal. These encounters are very upfront and aggressive. Today, contact with sharks is almost inevitable and often within arms- reach.  Sharkbanz delivers spearfishermen, like myself one more level of safety.  In a sport which has its own risks, Sharkbanz offer some peace of mind, enabling us to enjoy and concentrate on other more enjoyable aspects of the sport. As a dedicated spearfishing and freediving company, Ocean Hunter fully supports the use of Sharkbanz and the technology behind creating a potentially life-saving device.


I just paddled out at Lighthouse Beach Port Macquarie to go surfing. I looked to the right and noticed a small shark about a meter and a half long heading towards me in charge mode. When the shark got a couple of meters away from me, it looked like someone had set off a shot gun in its face. It turned and bolted. This was the first time I ever used my Sharkbanz. I have full faith in your product. Thank you very much.


I am obsessed with Sharkbanz! My friend introduced the company to me a while ago because she legitimately would never swim - I mean never swim - and we lived at the beach! She bought one, and last time I was visiting her, we spent the entire beach day in the water. Love what y'all are doing. Such a cool product. 


My wife and I feel safer with our Sharkbanz on.  On one of our surf sessions, I saw a 5ft. shark approach my wife and abruptly turn and swim I'm pretty sure they help.


Last summer while surfing my wife had a 5 foot black tip shark swimming towards her, when it got about 6 feet away it spun around really fast and left the area.  On a related note since we have started wearing Sharkbanz, I have noticed that neither one of us have stepped on a skate / ray (this is something that occurs on a regular basis along the North Carolina coast). My guess is that Sharkbanz is deterring these also. 

Thank you for your product!



Dear Mr. Nathan Garrison,

I have never experienced better communication, customer service,  or caring about your customers as well as your product, and being kept up to date on everything that has been happening.  I am so impressed that you have continually kept us in the loop as far as what is happening. Things happen.  We all know that.  But it would have been worse had you kept us in the dark and not informed us of anything that was taking place.  I have to say that I, as a customer, really appreciate that immensely.  You are doing good!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up.  

You basically thought of everything including sending us certificates that we printed out and put under the tree to let them know about their Sharkbanz gifts.  I am so totally impressed with you, especially, and the company for caring so much and making us feel like we matter.  So far, what a great company led by wonderful business people.


Wow, that is far beyond exceeding my expectations. You have made a sharkbanz fan for life!

Many thanks.


The Sharkbanz arrived today.  Your customer service is amazing!!!!!! Best of luck in your business.


Received both bands today - thank you for the great communication, it is very important in customer service. When surfing season resumes I will definitely spread the word about Sharkbanz.